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With the full set of painted nail art brushes, you can draw beautiful nails!
Nail art brushes 15pcs Summary:
Specifications: 21CM×10.5CM
Weight: about 50G
Handle: High Quality Wood
Mouth tube:Aluminum
Brush head: Nylon Wool
Purpose:Design Flower Of Nail
Packaging: transparent plastic packaging
Color: white, pink
Customers with color requirements, please contact customer service.
【product description】

The use of various painted nail art brushes 15pcs.

Line brushes are used to draw thin lines, grass leaves, etc.
The brush is thinner and longer than the brush of the line brush and can be used to draw a finer pattern.
The petal brush is shorter and thicker than the brush of the line brush. It is used to draw petals and other larger figures.
Painted row brush (oblique), this brush is wonderful, you can draw a three-dimensional effect of the flowers. Row brush paintings belong to the latest painting skills. Can draw a strong three-dimensional effect of artistic effects.
There is also a curved nail art brush that looks like it has been broken. It’s a very easy-to-use carving pen!
There are a total of 15 Nail Art Brushes, the most complete nail brush, suitable for learning or are learning professional nail art or carved MM Oh.

【Line brushes 】are used to draw thin lines, grass leaves, etc.

【Nail Point Drill Brush】

Can be used for various purposes such as dot painting, paste diamond decoration or water dyeing.

【Pull line brush】

All nail brushes are placed directly on the surface of the nails after they are dipped in the paint. One stroke will immediately allow the lines to appear perfectly, and it will also apply to the outlines.

【Nail fan brush】

Can draw more than unorganized lines at the same time, often used for the drawing of wood and other patterns.

【Light therapy brush】

For drawing a wide line or drawing a flower when painting, you can draw a three-dimensional flower.

【Paint brush】

Used to draw fine lines, petals, leaves, etc. The best choice for drawing fine patterns.

【Phototherapy brush】

Can be used as a phototherapy nail brush, can also be used to brush glitter or sequins. If it is used to brush bright powder or sequins, you can use a nail brush to apply a lightening oil, and then use the nail brush to lighten the powder or sequins to the nails. In order to avoid nail brush bristles dry and hard, it is necessary to wash the nail brush in time and keep it clean.


1.Custom logo nail art brush 15pcs is available.

2.Sample Free  nail art brushes.
3.Fast delivery.


Our cooperative policy
1. Making the sample until you are satisfied with it.
2. Providing production schedule photos to ensure you know every process.
3. Offering professional one-on-one service and replying your E-mail within five hours
4. Shipment sample for checking before shipment.
5. Priority to get the our latest product information after our cooperation

15 days is on approval 365 days is replaceable
15 days is on approval 365 days is replaceable, the details are as follows
Logo is greater difference with the confirmation sample
Material is greater difference with the confirmation sample
Design is greater difference with the confirmation sample


Q: Do you have factory?
A: Yes, our factorylocated in Jiangxi, China. Welcome to visit our factory. We would Show you the real production line and professional quality test team.

Q: Can you offer some professional pictures about the products for me?
A: Yes, we have professional team can offer very nice pictures for you to put in your website, it can be very helpful for your sales plan.

Q: How much should I pay for the deposit?
A: 60% before production, and the balance before shipping.

Q: Can you do drop shipping?
A: Sure, we can offer drop shipping service by express. Welcome to contact us for more details.

Q: Do you have independent research and development products?
A: Yes, our R&D team have many years’ experience and we have applied several patents of our makeup brushes..

Welcome to contact us for more details of  nail art brushes.

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